• One-Click Remote Support through firewalls/NAT devices

  • Remote Access for physical and virtual desktops

  • Support machines that are attended or unattended

What is Proxy?

Powerful, Secure Remote Support Software

What if your IT support team could troubleshoot issues from anywhere, without having to personally visit each computer or workstation?

Proxy Networks specializes in developing collaboration and remote support software for businesses of all sizes, providing a vital support link between IT staff and the computers they maintain. Our remote support software – sometimes referred to as remote access software or remote desktop software — allows IT support technicians to access computers and troubleshoot computers from an isolated location. This tool is vital, particularly for secluded IT departments with several workstations to support.

About Our Products

Proxy Pro 8.10 – powering the most comprehensive remote access software available

Our remote support software comes in several versions, all powered by our ProxyPro 8.10 architecture. Our goal is flexibility, so we’ve produced a variety of products, each one sensitive to your company’s needs. All of these remote access products feature industry-leading security and customization, and allow your staff to fine-tune and monitor every connection. With our remote desktop software, determine who has access to machines on your network; generate audit reports; create unique accounts – all with granular detail.

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Remote Desktop Software

Our goal is to provide you with powerful remote access software that meets your connection requirements as safely, reliably, and efficiently as possible. We’d like you to try it for yourself, so watch a brief video demo or start a FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial today.

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Why Proxy Remote Access?

ProxyPro remote support software works with desktops, laptops, virtual machines, and thin clients both within the local area network and outside of it – and with our flagship Private Cloud edition, we can even provide your company with its very own cloud-powered remote desktop software suite. But this is more than just remote access software for your IT department. It’s a useful way for anybody in your office to establish a remote connection to their computer.

With ProxyPro 8.10, we’ve created the most powerful remote desktop software available, and we want you to try it for yourself. Download a 30-day trial of any of our remote desktop products – totally free.

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