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Broad Remote Access Solutions for
Oil & Gas Companies

Companies operating in the oil and gas sectors deal with a plethora of issues – updated regulations, political and economic pressures, corporate social responsibility, price volatility, to only name a few.  At Proxy Networks, we strive to offer remote access solutions that will boost IT efficiency, without breaking the bank. 

Our technology plays a crucial role in the oil and gas industry.  One of the biggest challenges companies face is simply accessing machines in some of the most far-reaching places on earth.  PROXY Pro v10 specializes in crafting remote access solutions that are dependable, easy to use, and highly-secure.

Reliable Connections for Always-On Connectivity

A great remote access solution is the difference between a productive day and an unproductive day.  When issues arise on far reaching machines at other ends of the globe, PROXY Pro remote access software allows you to be on top of them.

Here are some of the reasons oil and gas companies are choosing PROXY Pro for all of their remote management needs:


Enhance User Experience While Securely Accessing Any System

PROXY Pro remote access and control tools allow support desk representatives the ability to provide quick and secure remote support assistance to machines both on and off your network.  Our remote access client, the PROXY Pro Host, can be configured to allow one-click access, your policies might dictate that end users must explicitly "Accept" a connection.  Our Deployment Tool allows an IT manager to control the connection style and behavior, as we know not every set of machines should behave the same way when a connection is made.  Users may also be notified when connections occur via "Toast" message, an audible chime on connections, and these settings can be disabled for a true stealth mode connection should that be your use-case.  We would love the opportunity to demonstrate how our products can address your business challenges.

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