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Comprehensive Remote Desktop Software
for On and Off Campus Educational Institutions

Schools both large and small are now faced with the challenge of supporting an increasing number of technologies. From desktops, Macs, iPads, and mobile devices, to new educational software apps, online classes, and management systems – the support infrastructure is now more complicated than ever.

Gone are the days of supporting just desktop workstations.  As the multitude of devices that get introduced continues to grow, so will the remote access and remote control needs of educational institutions. With technology moving online, providing scalable and multi-platform remote support tools to your schools is now critical. Schools need remote control capabilities that support a variety of different technology platforms and functionalities – this is where the PROXY Pro family of remote support solutions comes into play.

The expansion of remote campuses, international offices, and customized user access and permissions, are just few of the school needs that our robust selection of remote support tools are well-equipped to handle. In addition, our advanced security system promises to protect all of your most sensitive data, such as employee and student records, from hackers and security breaches.

Scott County Public Schools - Proxy Pro user

“As a Proxy Networks user for over a decade, I have always been a strong advocate for their remote desktop software, which has provided my team with remote access and remote control for many of the desktops in our district.  Now with the release of the new PROXY Pro Web Console, I can cost effectively deploy Proxy Networks to all the desktops and servers in my district and enable support to these machines from anywhere, and at any time.  With our move to PROXY Pro 9’s Gateway Edition, I am happy to say that we can eliminate the use of any additional remote access tools across our IT organization.”

Sheila A. Setser - Scott County Public Schools
Chief Systems Engineer

Kershaw County Schools, Proxy Pro user

"We absolutely love PROXY Pro. It's dependable, does what it's supposed to do, and its professional capabilities make it far more useful than Windows RDP."

Phyllis Davis - Kershaw County Schools
IT Director

Cut Costs, Provide Better Support to End-Users

PROXY Pro family of remote control solutions lets you do more –with less. We understand your budget needs, which is why we provide affordable remote support tools for any school, regardless of your size. We provide flexible and affordable pricing options, letting you choose the best package that fits your needs. The PROXY Pro Web Console centralizes your IT remote support needs, and as a result, lets you remove unnecessary and costly remote access tools.

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Effective Deployment from Anywhere, Anytime

The PROXY Pro Web Console lets you effectively connect to all machines within your network running the PROXY Pro Host client  – from anywhere, anytime— with maximum security.

Here are just some of the reasons customers choose Proxy Networks:

  • Client Deployment Made Easy — Deploy the PROXY Pro Host using the PROXY Pro Deployment Tool
  • Permanent or Temporary Client - PROXY Pro Host runs as an always-on service while the user-initiated Host on Demand compliments it 
  • Database of Host Machines - Instant Remote Control of internal and external machines, VDI’s and Thin Client sessions
  • Easy File Transfer - Simple, logical drag and drop File Transfer option with no separate connection or port requirements
  • Define user access and set permissions at a granular level, and enable/disable additional services like File Transfer or Screen Recording
  • Generate detailed audit connection reports to find out who connected to what and when
  • One of the very best customer support team in the industry to keep your implementation of PROXY Pro running strong


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