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Why PROXY Pro Remote Support Software?

For over 20 years, PROXY Networks has been pioneering remote IT support solutions for enterprises and SMBs across industries and around the world. We’ve been helping improve efficiency for IT support teams with comprehensive, cost-effective support solutions.

Our mission-critical remote support tools service businesses across highly distributed remote environments, and provide remote access and control to a variety of platforms, systems and end-users. PROXY Pro helps IT reps manage remote servers, training rooms, test labs, and provide fast IT desk assistance – all while maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against vulnerabilities and hacking threats.

We are dedicated to providing clients with best-in-class remote support tools and are constantly enhancing our software to simplify functionality and connection management. Our most recent edition, PROXY Pro v8.10.2, features improvements such as increased reliability, security and overall performance, providing critical support to IT professionals who need 24/7 remote access to workstations and systems, giving them the opportunity to deal with diagnosis and resolution issues in a timely manner.

Whatever your business’ remote support needs may be, PROXY Pro’s On-Premise solutions will provide you with the required performance and flexibility.

Remote Support Software - Multi-Platform Remote Access Products

Remote Support Software - Multi-Platform Remote Access Products

Welcome to the PROXY Pro 8 family of remote desktop software solutions. PROXY allows you to support your customers on any remote PC or server and on most popular devices —anywhere, anytime. Whether you provide remote support for physical workstations, virtual desktops, attended or unattended computers, PROXY can provide the right solutions for all of your IT management needs — all through one-click remote support from your preferred device.   

Leading technology for complex remote support needs

Leading Technology for Complex Remote Support Needs

Remote support needs are becoming increasingly more complex as technology continues to evolve and more devices are introduced. The multitude of desktops, devices and systems that the average IT manager is responsible for supporting can be overwhelming. Employees are now bringing their own devices to work, further complicating organizations’ on-site and off-site support needs.

PROXY’s suite of products offers solutions to meet the needs of the modern IT infrastructure, allowing IT managers to provide the right mix of remote support to their end users.

Best-in-Class Remote Support Products

Best-in-Class Remote Support Products

PROXY provides you with a variety of highly secure remote desktop software and remote support solutions uniquely tailored to your business needs. Our products are used by thousands of IT managers every day for secure remote assistance to any system or endpoint.

Whether you are a small business with 25 workstations to support or a multinational enterprise with 10,000+ workstations relying on you, our remote support products are designed to match a range of machine functionalities. We allow you to customize your solutions based on the size of your business and your IT management needs.

  • Troubleshoot with end-users faster
  • Manage multiple systems at the same time 
  • Remote print
  • Control vendor access
  • Screen recordings
  • Many-to-One connectivity model
  • File transfer

Proxy Private Cloud Edition for enterprises

Private-Cloud Security

PROXY’s Windows Security Model lets you define all of your organization’s remote access security policies. This powerful Windows Authentication model supports a number of ciphers, including 256-bit key Advanced Encryption Standard and Triple Data Encryption Standard, while our Gateway server supports the SSL protocol for highly secure connections.
All of our products — PROXY PRO 8 Workstation, Gateway, and Private Cloud — are equipped with these features, ensuring your remote access tools won’t be compromised by hackers.

Control vendors’ access to systems on your networks, create detailed audit reports, and set permissions. Security features include:

  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • IP Address Restrictions
  • Real-Time Activity Reports
  • End-to-End Authentication

Contact us to learn more about our remote desktop software and PROXY’s Private Cloud security.

Use PROXY Pro 8 Master to collaborate with end users.

Collaborate With End Users

Manage your remote support needs more efficiently and improve your resolution rates and overall support service with our advanced collaboration tools.

  • Active Users List — Confirm the identities of all end users.
  • Screen Sharing — Share remote control with users.
  • Chat — Connect and chat with users.

Centralized remote control for businesses of any size

Centralized Remote Control for Businesses of Any Size

PROXY allows you to have full control over remote support activities within your organization, regardless of the size of your business or how distributed it may be. Our products are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux software. Our solutions can be hosted securely on-site in your environment, or we can host the software for you.

Covering four major categories, our products feature a robust variety of remote support solutions designed to meet the needs and the size of your business. See which product is right for your business with our Solution Tool.



A remote support solution that uses simple peer-to-peer connections between IT managers and remote workstations. Ideally suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an easy-to-use, secure remote support solution for a small number of remote computers.


For the enterprise that requires a scalable server to maintain a secure network of connections. Leveraging centralized administration, security and network access, this edition simplifies and automates IT management of remote computers, multiple domains and end users outside the network.

Private Cloud

Enterprise-class software platform for hosting, configuring and operating a private cloud-based remote desktop service; ideal for large enterprises and global support teams.

Hosted version of Enterprise Edition, with entirely web-based remote access, remote control and remote management of desktops, laptops, servers and virtual desktops. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

To find out more, compare our products.

Whether you’re managing IT systems for a large enterprise, a small company or a midsized business, PROXY lets you provide remote support to your end users efficiently and securely. Users can request IT help at any point. In turn, you can be sure that you are providing the most secure and reliable service desk and system management products to your end users.

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