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The PROXY Pro Workstation is a remote support solution that enables reps to use simple peer-to-peer connections to provide remote access to workstations across their organizations.

The Workstation was initially designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind looking for an easy-to-use, secure remote support solutions for a small number of remote desktops. However, the PROXY Pro Workstation is not exclusively matched for SMBs. It is also suited for enterprises needing smaller-scale solutions to their IT management needs. Enterprise reps can provide IT desk assistance to a smaller network of workstations, end-users and systems.

The Workstation utilizes the PROXY Pro 8 Master, a desktop application enabling users to find, access, control and manage remote desktops through the Gateway Server. In addition, the solution includes the PROXY Pro 8 Host, a small, secure software agent that enables users to share their desktops quickly and easily, as well as support unattended or headless machines.

A robust set of remote access capabilities and connection management functions includes:

  • RDP compatibility -- letting reps connect to a Windows Desktop with an active RDP session already in progress.
  • Always-on-service
  • Stealth mode settings
  • Polling
  • Tightest security measures

Remote control features include:

  • Multi-monitor features
  • View-only mode
  • File transfers


And much more.  For a full list of features, see Compare our Products.