Welcome to the PROXY Pro 8 family of remote desktop software solutions. PROXY Pro is used by thousands of helpdesk and IT Administrators everyday for remote access and remote control of millions of remote and virtual desktops around the world.


Our Products:

Remote Network Support
Key Features
  • Peer-to-peer remote access and control
  • Highly reliable & secure
  • Low cost, easy to use
Ideal for
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Connections inside a corporate network
  • Environments without Active Directory


Computer Support Software
Key Features
  • Collaborative remote access and control solution
  • Remote access through firewalls and NAT devices
  • Remote control for virtual desktops and Terminal Services sessions
Ideal for
  • Medium to large businesses and workgroups
  • Connection to desktops and servers inside/outside the LAN
  • Environments with virtual desktops or Terminal Services


Private Cloud
Remote Access Software
Key Features
  • Enterprise-class software platform for hosting, configuring and operating a private cloud-based remote desktop service
  • Secure, reliable, web-based access to an unlimited number of remote desktops anywhere, anytime
  • Configurable service management tools and real-time reporting and analytics
Ideal for
  • Large enterprises and global support teams
  • MSPs requiring the ability to monitor and manage service performance, quality and usage
  • Distributed networks with multiple domains and a mixed desktop environment including virtual desktops and Terminal Services
Software Remote
Key Features
  • Web-based remote access and remote control service
  • Manage desktops, laptops, servers and virtual desktops
Ideal for
  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Organizations looking for a Hosted solution (in BETA)