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PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition


Want a quick hands-on feel for the core remote control experience?  Start small with our viewer and client here.

The PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition is an enterprise class remote support & collaboration software platform that will allow your company to perpetually own, operate and manage their own support portal on premise.  Complete with a browser-based interface that can be rebranded with your own company logos & colors and truly made your own, the Host on Demand's instant screen sharing for Windows and Mac, reporting on past connections for auditing purposes and more.  Customers love PROXY Pro for managing remote access for support purposes or even other entities of the business.

The PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition consists of the following components: 

  • PROXY Pro Master is our viewer, and is typically installed on your computer or a technician's PC
  • PROXY Pro Host is our remote access client, which is installed on each remote PC, runs as an always-on service
    • PROXY Pro Host software is for desktops, laptops, servers, virtual machines
    • PROXY Pro Host for VDI software is designed for virtual desktops used in non-persistent mode
    • PROXY Pro Host for RDS allows individual Remote Desktop Services sessions to become accessible for connectivity
  • PROXY Pro Gateway is server-side software that resides on a Windows Server you own, and acts as the "hub" between Masters and Hosts.
  • PROXY Pro Web Console is a web application that runs on IIS on the Gateway Server, and serves as your central point of management for remote access
  • PROXY Pro Deployment Tool eases the deployment of the PROXY Pro Host client, and is used to customize your settings and deploy the Host to remote machines.  

The PROXY Pro Private Cloud Edition includes everything in the PROXY Pro Workstation and PROXY Pro Gateway Edition products, with the additions of:

  • The Proxy Web Console adds a browser-based administration of Host machines, remote control connectivity, screen recording and playback from any machine with a browser and a network connection
  • The Host on Demand allows a user to make their machine accessible for connectivity on the fly to technicians within your organization, on both Mac and Windows
  • Activity dashboards that dynamically display remote access activity including remote access connections, license utilization, screen recording events and more 
  • You can find the PROXY Pro Master app on the Apple store, and use it to take control of machines from your iOS device (iPad, iPhone)
  • Instead of a pay-per-seat licensing model like our other two products, this product utilizes a concurrent licensing model; own for life, pay by simultaneous user

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