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PROXY Air is a hosted remote desktop service by Proxy Networks, a pioneer in the remote desktop software space.  Proxy Networks is an industry agnostic remote support and remote access software solution used by technicians and IT administrators to manage and connect to remote machines.  For those without their own infrastructure and without server that would otherwise be a fit for our PROXY Pro RAS on-premise solution, Proxy Networks has a new product.  Pay as you go or annually by year - we'll take care of hosting the backend and provide you with your very own unique landing page and remote desktop portal.

What is PROXY Air? 

  • Customers receive their own unique, brandable remote support landing page
  • Take remote control of Windows and Mac desktops from any device's web browser on any platform.  Including from iPhone and Android!
  • User visits a page, downloads agent and accepts an incoming connection.  It's that easy!
  • Many-to-One connectivity model means multiple users may connect to the same machine at the same time.  Collaboration is key!
  • Authenticate with your own personal Microsoft account and optionally enable MFA.
  • Pay as you go or annually
  • 1 license and unlimited clients

A robust set of remote access capabilities and connection management functions include:

  • Remote Control, File Transfer, Remote Printing and Remote Management
  • Technician authentication & login tied to Microsoft Account
  • Client runs as on demand and can be elevated for use with UAC / elevated windows
  • Click-to-Connect, or require End User Permission
  • 256-bit AES Connection Encryption
  • Client-side Connection Logging to Windows Event Viewer


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