PC Remote Control Anywhere, Anytime

With PROXY Pro 8.1, we’ve created powerful remote control software that allows helpdesk technicians to connect to workstations anywhere, anytime – even those behind firewalls and NAT, both on the LAN and off. Our solutions provide a level of flexibility and customization unlike any other remote control computer software. As you’ll see below, we’ve incorporated a robust feature list, which gives you and your employees remote access control at a granular level.

Safe, Secure Remote Control Software

Remote control software must be as secure as it is efficient, which is why we’ve developed our PC remote control solutions to give you access visibility and security at the highest level. To do this, we combine the 256-bit advanced encryption standard with strong authentication. We then add the ability to generate custom access lists, permissions, and audit reports – you and your support staff can easily see who connected to which machine, where, when, and for how long. Below, we’ve outlined our solution architecture, as well as which tools and features contribute to remote access, control, and management. Discover which PC remote control software would work best for your company.


    • Workstation
    • Private Cloud
    PROXY Pro 8 Private Cloud Server NEWEnterprise-class server that manages large numbers of concurrent remote access and remote control connections to remote and virtual desktops through a corporation’s private cloud network and/or the public Internet. Includes:
    • PROXY Pro 8 Private Cloud Administrator Console: Web-based application that enables administrators to configure and manage the Private Cloud Server
    • PROXY Pro 8 Private Cloud Desktop: Web-based application that enables users and administrators to access one or more remote desktops on-demand through the Private Cloud Server
    PROXY Pro 8 MasterDesktop application that enables users to find, access, control and manage remote desktops through the Gateway Server    
    PROXY Pro 8 HostSmall, secure software agent that enables users to share their desktops quickly and easily; also supports unattended and/or headless machines    
    PROXY Pro 8 Terminal Services HostVersion of PROXY Pro Host that runs on terminal servers and provides remote access and remote control of terminal services sessions hosted on VMWare or Windows Terminal Services.    
    PROXY Pro 8 Virtual Desktop Host NEWVersion of PROXY Pro Host that can be added to virtual desktop profile and will be injected into virtual desktop images (VDI)created from that profile in Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft virtual machine environments    

    • Workstation
    • Private Cloud
    Automated Group Management NEWConfigure Hosts to report automatically to predefined Groups on PROXY Pro Gateway Server    
    Wake-on-LANSend a request to turn on remote machines in standby mode    
    Firewall-Friendly ConnectionsConnect to remote desktops outside of the corporate network without the need to reconfigure ports    
    Centralized DirectoryOrganize large numbers of remote desktops into Groups, making them easier to find and manage    
    RDP CompatibilityConnect to a Windows Desktop with an active RDP session already in progress    
    PollingDDiscover all remote desktops available in your network    
    Always-on ServiceReach remote desktops any time, even if they are unattended    
    Connection NotificationsUse audio (beep) and/or visual (popup toast, tray icon) notifications to alert remote desktop user of connection request    
    Stealth ModeEnable silent access to remote desktops by turning off audio (beep) and visual (popup, tray icon) connection notifications    
    Windows AuthenticationUse strong Windows authentication to verify credentials of users    
    Shared-Secret AuthenticationUse proprietary PROXY Pro authentication if Windows authentication not available    
    SSL AuthenticationUse SSL certificates to authenticate web requests to PROXY Pro Web Console or PROXY Pro Gateway    
    End-to-End AuthenticationRequest Windows credentials acceptable to remote desktop before executing tasks like file transfers or remote management    
    Centralized AuthorizationCreate and enforce standard access rights to manage general access to large numbers of remote desktops    
    Customizable AuthorizationCreate and enforce custom access rights to manage fine-grained access rights to specific remote desktops    
    IP Address RestrictionsRestrict access to remote desktops by IP address, IP address range and/or time zone    
    Key StrengthSelect encryption key strength ranging from 92- to 256-bits (default)    
    AlgorithmsSelect encryption algorithm, including RC4, Triple-DES, and state-of-the-art AES (default = AES)    
    Real-time Activity Reports NEWTrack user, connection, and license activities in real-time using web-based activity reports    
    Customizable Audit Reports NEWGenerate custom reports of connection, desktop and screen recording activity for analysis    

    • Workstation
    • Private Cloud
    Citrix XenApp NEWAccess virtual desktops running Citrix XenApp    
    Kernel-Mode Screen CaptureUse highly-efficient kernel-mode screen capture driver for better responsiveness and performance for less active desktops    
    User-Mode Screen CaptureUse standard user-mode screen capture driver to manage responsiveness and performance for highly active desktops    
    Remote ControlTake control of mouse and keyboard input for remote desktop    
    Bandwidth ThrottlingLimit bandwidth usage to enhance performance and responsiveness over slow or narrow networks links    
    Display OptionsCustomize view of remote desktop (Fit-to-Window, Fit 1-to-1, Full Screen)    
    Multi-MonitorCapture remote desktop spread over multiple monitors    
    Remote ClipboardAutomatically or explicitly share clipboard content between user and remote desktop    
    Headless DisplayConnect to machines without a graphics head    
    View Only ModeSuppress keyboard/mouse input on remote desktop    
    Active Users ListView the identity of all users connected to desktop    
    Screen SharingShare control with other users connected to a desktop    
    ChatChat with user and others connected to a desktop    
    Bulk File TransferDrag-and-drop files or directories between desktops    
    ResumeResume large file transfers if connection is interrupted    
    Centralized RecordingRecord one or more remote desktops concurrently    
    PlaybackPlayback screen recordings from the Gateway, the local file or over HTTP    
    Standard FormatsConvert screen recordings to .wmv format    

    • Workstation
    • Private Cloud
    Hardware ManagerView inventory of hardware components of remote desktop    
    Software ManagerView inventory of installed software applications and Windows updates for remote desktop    
    System ManagerView all system settings for remote desktop    
    Shared Resource ManagerView shared folders and drives for remote desktop    
    Account ManagerView a list of local users and groups for remote desktop    
    Process ManagerView/start/stop processes for remote desktop    
    Service ManagerView a list of Windows services for remote desktop; start/stop/restart any Windows service    
    Registry ManagerView, edit, add or delete registry values for remote desktop    
    Power ManagementForce a log off of the remote desktop user; reboot, shut down, or adjust power scheme settings to cause the machine to enter a reduced power state after inactivity    
    Reboot in Safe Mode w/NetworkingTrigger a remote desktop to restart in safe mode with networking, and then reconnect while in safe mode    
    Event ManagerView Windows Event Viewer logs for remote desktop    
    Mass DeploymentAutomate the deployment of the PROXY Pro Host application to large numbers of machines in your domain using PROXY Pro Deployment Tool    
    Custom Host Install PackageCreate and deploy custom versions of PROXY Pro Host application with specific settings of your choosing    
    Active Directory IntegrationDiscover machines accessible for deployment from your existing Active Directory OU structure    
    Automated UpdatesAutomate the deployment of changes in Host Settings using PROXY Pro Deployment Tool, or a command line script that can be triggered to run on startup/login via Active Directory/Group Policy