Private Cloud Edition - Best Practices for Upgrading

Download the Software Zip File

Click here to grab the Private Cloud Edition software zip file.

What Component Do I Upgrade First?

In general, newer versions of Proxy Master and Proxy Gateway will be backwards compatible for connectivity to older version Hosts, but not the other way around.  Therefore, please always upgrade your Proxy Masters and your Proxy Gateway & Proxy Web Console before upgrading your Proxy Hosts so that you'll be able to connect to each of them throughout the upgrade process.

If a machine has multiple Proxy Networks software components installed on it (i.e. if there's a Proxy Master, a Proxy Host, and a Proxy Deployment Tool on the same box) upgrade each so that any given machine is running a consistent version.

Which License Keys Do I Use?

Before upgrading, you'll need your upgrade license keys handy. We typically provide license keys to the primary contact we have on file for your company, but if you don't have those and need to request them, please write to and your Account Manager will follow up with you.

Proxy v9.0 ComponentKey Starts With
Gateway - Server-Side Component5220 or 5230
Master - Viewer License4250
Host - Client for desktops, laptops, servers4230
*Host for RDS - Terminal Server License for accessing RDS sessions4240
*Host for VDI - Virtual Desktop Image Host License4260

*If applicable.

How do I deploy the latest version of Proxy?

When upgrading the Proxy Gateway and Proxy Web Console, simply double-click the Gateway.msi installation file on the server and you'll be prompted for a license key. Next, double-click the GatewayWeb.msi to upgrade to your Proxy Web Console. All of the settings data from your older version Gateway and Web Console will be preserved and no re-configuration will be necessary post-upgrade.

When upgrading the Proxy Masters and Proxy Hosts, simply double-click the Master.msi installation file and you'll be prompted for your license key during the installation wizard. As for automating the upgrade, the Proxy Deployment Tool can be used to deploy the Proxy Master out to machines across your network, and it can also be used to deploy the Proxy Host with the new license key baked into the install.

As for upgrading your PROXY Pro Host clients to the latest version, please refer to the below.

Proxy Deployment Tool Walk Through Video:   Click here

Deployment Tool Walk Through PDF:  Click here

For customers with active Maintenance & Support

Live support is available upon request to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly and to address any questions along the way. The Proxy Networks Support Team can be reached at