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Thousands of IT departments at banks, healthcare organizations and legal firms manage remote access with PROXY Pro software.

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Improve Remote Support with Proxy Pro 9

With Proxy Networks, you can provide remote support and troubleshoot PCs, servers and mobile devices securely. Our encryption, authentication and privileged access management allows our customers to define their own security levels and flexible remote access policies.
PROXY Pro is easy to use and designed to fit any budget, making it easy to meet even the most complex remote desktop management needs.

Customized Remote access

We provide remote support for all platforms, including virtual computers and Thin Clients, ensuring secure remote access instantly, regardless of the user’s system. Use our PROXY Deployment Tool and manage host settings anytime to create custom configurations to remote support your machines, or use our new Host on-Demand for all your on-the-fly remote access connections.

Secure End-User Remote Support

Proxy Networks' software supports any system or endpoint, enabling IT professionals to provide remote support immediately and securely both on and off their network. They can also use Chat, File Transfer, Remote Print, create Screen Recordings securely and allow others to join the connection with our Many-to-One connectivity model. Proxy Networks incorporates the highest standards of security, using SSL and Windows Security Model for authentication. Set your own control permissions to user groups in your Active Directory domain, and control all of your organization’s remote access restrictions with one easy-to-use console.

Remote Desktop Support

Flexible remote desktop connections to any PC, server, and mobile device in true on-demand fashion lets IT professionals remotely support any device, from any computer. You and your IT support team can now easily remote support and manage connections, resolving issues more efficiently with the Proxy Gateway and Management Console. 


PROXY PRO 9 Remote Support Benefits

What are the benefits for your IT team?

Remote access and support any PC, server or mobile device, anywhere anytime with just one click. We support Windows platform, Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

Unparalleled ease of use: quickly manage and remote access machines both on and off your network.

Remote support complex connections across your organization, supporting various systems at the same time.

Protect your organization’s data security with Proxy Network’s robust security system, allowing you to define your organization’s remote access needs.

Process complex data to generate inventory of all hardware & software, stop/start/restart services, terminate processes, and other management operations, while simultaneously maintaining secure remote support for end-users.

With PROXY Pro, you ensure Always-On Service, remote supporting both attended and unattended machines, regardless as to whether they are within your LAN or external.

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Our Customers

  • Acosta Sales & Marketing
  • Clarion Constructions
  • Campbell County Memorial Hospital
  • Dow Lohnes, PLLC
  • Centreville Bank
  • Kisco Senior Living
  • Scott County Public Schools

Our Customers

Find Out Why Companies Are Choosing Proxy Networks Remote Desktop Software Solutions

Acosta, remote desktop customer

"PROXY Pro has a small footprint, doesn't conflict with any other software we use, works over a wide variety of bandwidths and is incredibly simple to use. It's everything an IT professional wants in a software program."

Clarion Constructions, Proxy Networks user

"Proxy Networks allows me to connect with my users and solve their problems immediately, instead of travelling to their locations, which eats up valuable time. It also lets me provide training remotely for new and existing customers. I am able to perform maintenance afterhours without user interaction at all our remote locations. I am satisfied enough so that I have recommended the product to several other companies which are now Proxy Networks users."

Campbell County Health is one of the Proxy Network users of Proxy Pro Gateway.

"PROXY Pro Gateway is an excellent product for remote access and control - it's been a great tool to have for our department."

Dow Lohnes company user of Proxy Pro

"The new remote management software tools in PROXY Pro are very convenient to use. It is very useful to be able to make repairs on-the-spot, without having to make any security exceptions or asking the user to log-off."

Centreville Bank, one of Proxy Networks' remote desktop customers.

"PROXY Pro 8 has really paid off for us in just this short period of time. It's already improved our efficiency with just a few crucial uses."

Kisco Senior Living, user of PROXY Pro Gateway

"With PROXY Pro Gateway, I have absolute control over security and access policies - the product is so easy to implement and it provides excellent value."

Scott County Public Schools, customer of Proxy Networks remote software.

“As a Proxy Networks user for over a decade, I have always been a strong advocate for their remote desktop software, which has provided my team with remote access and remote control for many of the desktops in our district. Now with the release of the new PROXY Pro Web Console, I can cost effectively deploy Proxy Networks to all the desktops and servers in my district and, enable support to these machines from anywhere, and at any time. With our move to PROXY Pro 8’s Gateway Edition, I am happy to say that we can eliminate the use of any additional remote access tools across our IT organization.”


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