• One-Click Remote Support through firewalls/NAT devices
  • Remote Access for physical and virtual desktops
  • Support machines that are attended or unattended
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Remote Network Support


Peer to peer access to desktops on-LAN
Remote Control Software


Collaborative access to desktops on and off-LAN
Remote Desktop Cloud

Private Cloud

Web-based access to unlimited clients, anywhere, any time
Secure Remote Desktop Software

Hosted and clientless access to clients on-demand

Remote Desktop Support from Anywhere

Flexible remote desktop connections to any PC, server, and mobile device in true on-demand nature lets IT professionals remotely support any device, from any computer. You and your IT support team can now easily remote support and manage connections, resolving issues more efficiently with the Proxy Gateway and Management Console.


Secure End-User Remote Support

We offer all the remote desktop software and remote support tools and features that you need. PROXY’s remote support software supports any system or endpoint, enabling IT professionals to provide remote support immediately and securely both on and off their networks, use Chat, File Transfer, Remote Print, create Screen Recordings, and allow others to join the connection with our Many-to-One connectivity model.

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Customized Remote Desktop Software

We provide remote support for all platforms, including virtual computers and Thin Clients, ensuring secure remote access instantly, regardless of a user’s system. Use our Proxy Deployment Tool and PROXY Pro Host to create custom configuration to remote support your machines, or use our new Host on-Demand for all your on-the-fly remote access connections.

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Why Companies Are Choosing Proxy Networks Remote Desktop Software

Our industry leading remote desktop software and remote support solutions improve IT support capabilities, streamline workforce productivity and allow our customers to define their security and remote access policies.

Proxy Pro 8 is easy to use, reliable and designed to fit any budget, making it easy to meet any remote desktop management needs.